We have all heard the old adage that one person’s art is another one’s trash which made me curious about the perception of what one considers beautiful.

In my years of working in interior design and real estate I have had many a client swoon out of sheer excitement and delight at either a home that they think is beautiful and “the one” or a design concept that absolutely bowls them over and that they can’t wait to get started on. But then, and oh yes there is a but then, there are the clients who say very little or nothing at all and leave a home almost as soon as they arrive; a home that in my humble opinion, most people would find objectively beautiful!

What does that mean? What it means is that in real estate and design the most important perception of beauty is the one the client holds and that it is ultimately my job to figure out and internalize exactly what that is so that when we spend our multiple hours together looking for the perfect home or perfect design theme, we are not spinning our wheels looking at things that they would never consider. It is a win/win for everyone because I have demonstrated that I “get it” and they know that they are spending their time wisely narrowing down their choices so that when they find their beautiful Seattle home, we are ready to go with the knowledge that we have seen all of what is beautiful to them!

Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves to come home to something they think is beautiful! They deserve to come home to their exact idea of what makes a beautiful Seattle home!