After I left my parents home many moons again, I realized that I loved being surrounded by things that were beautiful; beautiful in their simplicity, beautiful in their uniqueness, beautiful because of an aged patina; beautiful because I thought they were!

I started collecting when I was 18 and I have never stopped! I have spent multiple hours searching through the wares of some of the best flea markets in Paris and New York and have scoured many cities here and abroad in search of hidden gems that are a bit off the beaten track. There is nothing like the moment when I spot something that I have been searching for, either for a client or myself, often not even knowing exactly what I was looking for until I see it. I can close my eyes and see exactly how it will fit and where it will go in a home. Triumph!

There is a beautiful neighborhood here in Seattle called Madison Park, home to some of the cities finest homes, best restaurants and most wonderful boutiques. In this lovely enclave is one of my favorite stores in the city.

Red Ticking isn’t like any other store in Seattle. The owner carefully selects only the most interesting French Country one of a kind linens, antiques and wares for her shop. Don’t get me wrong though, this is not a carefully edited shop with only a few things here and there. It is abundantly filled and very worth a visit. Plan on spending at least an hour, as it is an absolute feast for the eyes and senses!

Red Ticking: 2802 East Madison, Seattle (206) 322-9890